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My number one goal as your photographer is to photograph your family as they really are, who you really represent, and everything you love about each other.  I want to make it fun, simple, relaxing and most importantly, enjoyable! I photograph what I love because what I love is what I want to give back to my clients.

Maternity; because there is nothing better than that radiant glow of impending motherhood.

Birth; because it’s where life begins and I believe it should be documented as one of the most important days of your family’s life! Many never think of birth as an opportunity to have a professional photographer – let me help change your perspective on that!                                 { I am not currently booking birth sessions at this time }

Newborns; because they are only a ‘newborn’ for such a short while and while memories of those early days will fade the photographs never will.

Babies & Children; because childhood is also so very  fleeting and children’s spirits are alive with wonder & excitement and such joy. Photographing these stages in your child’s life preserves them for a lifetime.

High School Seniors; because this is where your babies have grown up, succeeded in all they set out to do. They are full of anticipation, dreams and excitement for the next phase of their lives and this is typically the last time they are ever professionally photographed until their wedding day.

Speaking of weddings, I do not photograph them but if you are looking for a wedding photographer I can happily direct you to some of my favorites!

::::  As of early 2014 I have decided to concentrate solely on Maternity, Newborns and Baby’s First Year sessions. I may take some High School Seniors when time allows. If you are looking for a family photographer please don’t hesitate to send me an email, I can direct you to some of my favorites!  ::::